Assorted Spanish Cured Meats - 150g

Assorted Spanish Cured Meats - 150g
Brand: Palcarsa
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This selection of Spanish charcuterie contains 30g each of Lomo (Spanish cured pork loin), Chorizo, Cecina (Spanish smoked cured beef), Salchichon (Spanish salami) and Serrano ham.

Chorizo: Pork, Pimenton, salt, dextrin, lactose, dextrose, garlic, spices, isolated soy protein, milk protein, antioxidant E-301, conservatives E250, E-252. Salchichon: Pork, milk powder, salt, dextrin, spices, dextrose, acidity regulator E-575, aroma, flavour enhancer E-621, isolated soy protein, milk protein, emulgents E-450i, E-452i, E-451i, conservative E-250, colorant E-120. Lomo: Pork loin, salt, pimenton, garlic, sugar, oregano, conservative E-250. Cecina: Beef, salt, sugar, acidity regulator E-331iii, conservatives E-250, E-252. Ham: Ham, salt, acidity corrector E-331, conservatives E-250, E-252.
Alergy Warnings: Contains egg and egg derivatives, soy and soy derivatives, milk and milk derivatives.

This is lovely served as a mixed starter with some cheeses and crusty bread.  Also ideal for creating various tapas.



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