Whole Leg Of Serrano Ham (Cured for 18-24 Months)

Whole Leg Of Serrano Ham (Cured for 18-24 Months)
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A whole leg of Serrano Ham, cured for 18-24 months for a full flavour and lovely texture. This ham is ideal for large gatherings, carved straight from the leg into wafer thin slices.  

Approximately 7kg

Directions for Use: You may see a layer of white blooming or mould on the outside of your ham. This is perfectly normal and is a result of the natural humidity in the air. When these hams are hung to cure, they develop masses of mould on the outside which is cleaned off prior to them leaving the factory. Of course, whilst in transit and storage, they will start to develop a little mould again. This can be easily cleaned of with a tea towel and some olive oil to restore an attractive appearance. The ham should be stored on the ham stand at ambient temperature. There is no fixed length of time it will last, but as soon as it is cut into, the exposed portions will start to dry out, so you need to keep cutting away and eating regularly. A number of months is not an unusual time period over which to consume a whole ham.
Ingredients: Serrano ham, salt, sugars, preservatives and antioxidants.
Alergy Warnings: None
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Does not require refrigeration.


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